We are leaders in the field of mindful performance.

"... of the first water” having the utmost skill or value. The more like water, the greater the brilliance, clarity, and quality.

When pushing our limits, uncertainty, complexity, risk and change are part of the journey, especially in our 24/7 connected world.

Through mindful choices, we help individuals, teams and businesses optimize their potential in the achievement of purposeful outcomes and in the adoption of sustainable ways of being.

Whether you are lining up for an Olympic final, getting on stage for a big performance, navigating strategic change, improving team performance, launching a bold initiative, or simply showing up every day with more presence, compassion, and equanimity, First Water clients have one thing in common: a willingness to be the change in the world.

Mindfulness when it matters most and when it matters most is up to you.

Our Approach

Three elements are at the heart of First Water’s approach to designing innovative solutions.

Accessing your inner calm space helps reduce anxiety and improves your ability to focus and skillfully respond to stress or difficulty with  acceptance and awareness.

Understanding what makes you unique and authentic – much like the characteristics of water or a diamond – allowing you to be more resilient and in realizing your best self.

Experiencing happiness in moments of challenge. “Being like water” is to yield, flow, and to trust emergence with courage, playfulness, and grace.

Founder & Principal

Based in Montreal, Canada, Derek Covington is a trained mindful performance enhancement (mPEAK) instructor through the Centre for Mindfulness at the University California, San Diego. Through First Water Performance, he works with individuals, groups, and teams to help them live and perform mindfully.

Derek has created systems for elite performers and teams across the globe. His career spans nine Olympic Games as the Director of Olympic Performance for the Canadian Olympic Committee. As a former competitive national level athlete and coach, he learned first-hand the importance of mindfulness in achieving success – more than a series of techniques, but a personal journey.

Why Mindfulness?

Organizations and teams that bring mindfulness into their environments show team members that their health and well-being are valued, while leaving team members empowered with tools and techniques to mindfully navigate their day – happier, focused and more productive.

Thanks to functional MRI studies we now understand that the brain can change in structure and function and can be trained like a muscle to:

  • Lead with more compassion, presence, and equanimity
  • Increase trust, collaboration, and decision making ability
  • Effectively leverage strengths and engagement
  • Strengthen resilience and increase awareness
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase emotional intelligence, communication and teamwork
  • Lower anxiety, stress, and feeling of overwhelm
  • Improve immune systems, lower blood pressure, and better sleep