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Innovative and visionary in his approach, Derek has a track record of world-leading excellence in designing systems for individuals and teams to perform at their best in complex, high pressure environments. Derek engages audiences with valuable insights learned from having prepared nine Olympic teams while tapping into his experience in the field of mindful performance. Your team or organization will be left inspired and entertained, while empowered with new tools and insights for the way ahead.

Select Topics

  • Evolution of the high performer: The rise of the mindful performer
  • Reimagine the impossible when no one expects it – even yourself
  • Building team cohesion at-scale: Organic systems that work
  • Flow through disruption: Mitigation, equanimity and common purpose
  • Relational and group flow through empathetic joy and other approaches
  • The opposite of winning is learning: Designing failure into winning
  • How do we know we are not in the matrix? Waking up to our own lives
  • Cultivating greater understanding of the central role of mindfulness meditation practice for fostering peak performance in the regulation of emotions and behaviors

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