Teams & Workplaces

One breath, one mind, one team.

Teams & Workplaces

Working on a great team or in an enjoyable workplace culture is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

When challenged, either by external forces or by pushing our limits, this is when it can be our greatest and most rewarding experience.

Having worked with dozens of elite high performing teams, based on our experience, we know this to be complex and achievable. Sure it involves hard work, but when grounded with a sense of purpose, direction and a north star, it becomes play. It becomes fun and our ultimate objective.

It starts with an understanding of your unique environment, challenges, and culture. Then, it involves working with you to design training and learning programs that integrate seamlessly into your environment to meet your team/organization goals.

Our commitment is to design and deliver customized experiential training programs for your transformational change.

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Innovation & problem solving

Design solutions through human centred problem solving. This is where design thinking meets mindful performance.

Solve difficult problems and come up with innovative new solutions to the challenges you face. Empathy-based solutions get to the heart of issues that allow you bring something new to the world – something that you had not thought about before – and by doing it faster and with less risk.

It starts by being inspired with a problem and then framing it as a design challenge by asking: What problem or opportunity is motivating us to search for a solution?

From there, it is about letting go of pre-conceived ideas about the problem and trusting an established industry-leading process through a series of phases involving divergent and convergent thinking, user research, ideation, and prototyping.

It is a practical and rewarding experience making more of our unknowns known; providing the greatest probability for a successful implementation.

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